EHP Environment Oy will merge with Mitta Oy at the start of the year

Notice to customers and partners.

EHP-services are a part of Mitta's service package since the start of 2023.

Dear customers and partners,

EHP Environment Oy has been a subsidiary of Mitta Group since 2019, and as of 1.1.2023, EHP Environment will merge with Mitta Oy. EHP Environment Oy’s business ID ceases to exist and all operations are transferred under Mitta Oy’s business ID 0779388-3.

In connection with the merger, the rights and responsibilities of EHP Environment Oy will be transferred to Mitta Oy, in which case all contracts and projects of EHP Environment Oy will also be transferred to Mitta Oy. EHP Environment Oy’s previous references will also be transferred to Mitta Oy, and used to meet the suitability requirements set in procurement procedures in accordance with legal practice.

Mitta Oy is responsible for fulfilling all contractual obligations after the merger. The contact persons related to the current agreements will remain unchanged after the merger.

Contact details

With the merger, EHP Environment’s email addresses will change their format to

The website will also cease to exist and EHP’s service offering can from now on be found on Mitta’s webpage

We strive to ensure that our operations and cooperation with you continue smoothly and without disturbances. Please contact Mitta’s Business Unit Director for Environment and Monitoring, Ilkka Kylmänen, at if you have any questions.

Billing information

As of 1.1.2023, all invoices issued previously to EHP Environment Oy must be addressed to Mitta Oy.

As of the effective date of the merger on 1.1.2023, all matters related to invoicing will also be handled through Mitta Oy. All invoices must be delivered under the name of Mitta Oy and with new billing information as of the first of January. Please note that invoices delivered with incorrect billing information will be returned, which will cause a delay in the processing and payment of invoices.

Billing information from 1.1.2023 (may not be used before 1.1.2023)

Billing adresses:

Electronic invoicing address               003707793883

Intermediary                                                Maventa

Intermediary ID                                         003721291126

Intermediary ID                                         DABAFIHH


PDF invoices per e-mail:

Paper invoices:

Mitta Oy
PL 100
80020 Collector Scan

The billing address must be read on each page of the paper invoice, including any attachments. Please do not send any mail to the billing addresses other than invoices with attachments. Other mail can be sent to our Oulu head office to the postal address: Mitta Oy, Typpitie 1, FI-90620 Oulu, Finland.

Enquiries about purchase invoices and payments at


More information

Aki Puska
CEO, Mitta Oy

Ilkka Kylmänen
Business Unit Director
Mitta Oy, Environment and Monitoring

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