Snow and Snow water equivalent measurements

Accurate snow data for improved hydrological modeling  

Update your hydrological models and improve your seasonal snow melt predictions with near real-time snow data including: Snow Water Equivalent, Snow Depth , Density, Liquid Water Content, Terrain Features, Snow Parameters

Our team will work with you to find the optimal locations and data collection methods to gather comprehensive snow data within your areas of interest.  By customizing our product mix for your specific needs, you will get accurate snow data exactly where you need it, in small locations or over vast geographic areas.

  • Helps optimize operations of hydro-power plants enabled by accurate run-off prediction
  • Useful for Meteorological information systems
  • Helps scientific research on snowpack modeling and avalanches
  • Cost-efficient monitoring instead of time-consuming manual measurements
  • Offers early indications of snow melt with Liquid Water Content measurements

Continuous snow monitorning

ANavS® snow monitoring stations provide accurate temporal data using cutting-edge satellite processing technology.  The stations operate autonomously with an integrated solar-power supply and wireless communication so it can be set up in even the most remote areas. The station can operate under the harshest conditions all winter long without any maintainance during the winter season.

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Snow survey radar

Develop an understanding of the snow distribution in your entire basin by using the snow survey radar. We take radar readings throughout your basin and provide you with highly accurate snow data that captures the true snow distribution as function of terrain.

Important parameters such as snow depth and snow density are calculated as function of terrain and delivered with visualizations.


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