Environmental monitoring station rental

Perfect for short-term environmental monitoring needs

To keep your workplace and the environment safe, you must keep a close eye on several environmental factors. If your monitoring need is only short-term, you don’t necessarily need to purchase your own monitoring station. EHP has used and tested level, flow and water quality monitoring stations stored, which we can rent for different periods and with needed services.

  • Level, flow and water quality stations for rent
  • Many additional services available
  • Rent equipment for different periods
  • Ask for more information and request a quote

Alternative to buying

At EHP, we understand you may only need an environmental monitoring station while working on a special project. That’s why offer a wide range of monitors for you to choose from.

Multiple options

EHP has several used and field-tested level, flow and water quality monitoring stations available for you. We can provide you the solution best suited for the specific needs of your project.



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