Mitta Code of Conduct

Our ethical principles, in other words our code of conduct, guides the daily work of our people and helps personnel, other representatives and partners to uphold our principles of sustainability. The code of conduct summarizes our standards to ensure qualitative and sustainable operations and actions.

Mitta Group Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct presented on this page is the minimun requirements we set for ourselves and our suppliers to ensure that our business operates in an ethical and sustainable manner.

Mitta Group Code of Conduct

Mitta Supplier Code of Conduct

The actions of our business partners impact Mitta’s performance and how our company is perceived. Mitta Supplier Code of Conduct defines the behaviour that the Mitta Group expects from suppliers in their dealings with Mitta, their own employees, suppliers, partners and other parties. It outlines our expectations regarding how our suppliers conduct their own businesses and protect our corporate assets.

The following are requirements that apply to our suppliers, which include our business partners, subcontractors, and freelancers who provide products or services to Mitta or Mitta’s clients. We aim to develop relationships based on honesty, fairness and mutual trust.

Every supplier is responsible for:

  • Respecting and acting in accordance with Mitta Supplier Code of Conduct.
  • Reporting any incidences or concerns regarding non-compliance they may be aware of and calling attention to examples of good practices.

We encourage our suppliers to set similar requirements for their own suppliers. All suppliers should educate their employees to ensure that they understand and comply with Mitta Supplier Code of Conduct.


Comply with laws. Mitta’s suppliers shall conduct their business activities in compliance with laws. Mitta’s suppliers shall act in accordance with the Act on the contractor’s obligations and liability when work is contracted out.

Treat people with dignity and respect. We expect our suppliers to treat all their employees with dignity and respect. We do not tolerate any kind of abuse or harassment. Suppliers shall have zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination, whether based on colour, age, sex, race, religion, national or ethnic origin, sexual orientation or other characteristic protected by law. Suppliers shall not employ child or forced labour. Mitta’s suppliers shall provide their employees with a safe and healthy workplace in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Mitta’s suppliers shall recognise and respect their employees’ freedom of association and right to collective bargaining. Pay and terms must comply at minimum with national laws or standards.

Strive to minimise environmental impacts. Mitta strives to minimise our own adverse environmental impact. Suppliers are expected to undertake to pursue a similar level of environmental responsibility in their own activities.

Protect Mitta and its customers’ assets and information. Suppliers shall protect confidentiality and intellectual assets, both intangible and tangible, of Mitta, our clients and our business partners. Suppliers shall take proper care of assets, use them efficiently and not use them or permit anyone to use them for any unauthorised purposes. Information shall be used only for defined purposes and be disclosed to authorised recipients only.

Procure responsibly. Mitta conducts all our purchases in accordance with established procurement practices and considers the social and environmental aspects of responsibility in the selection of partners. Suppliers are expected to the same commitment in their own procurement chains.

Avoid conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest occurs when a representative of a supplier seeks to further his/her personal interest, or that of a friend or relative, due to his/her position as a representative of a supplier. Suppliers shall act for the benefit of Mitta’s business, without aiming to further their personal interests.

Anti-corruption. Mitta’s supplier shall never offer, give, solicit, accept or receive bribes in any form. Suppliers shall act in compliance with fair competition and anti-money laundering laws and prevent tax evasion.

Prevent violations to Mitta Supplier Code of Conduct. To report cases of unethical business conduct, questionable behaviour or possible violations, or to share best practices regarding the abovementioned matters, please direct concerns, questions or proposals to your designated contact person at Mitta or the company’s Manager of Responsibility. An anonymous whistleblowing channel is also available. All reported concerns and issues will be addressed confidentially.