Group management and the Board

Mitta Group consists of Mitta Oy (in Finland) and Mitta AB (in Sweden). In addition to the local management teams, the Nordic Steering Group regularly convenes to discuss and to make group-wide business and other decisions.

Nordic Steering Group

  • Timo Hyvönen, Chaiman of the Board of Mitta Group
  • Aki Puska, CEO of Mitta Group and Mitta Oy
  • Anders Persberg, CEO of Mitta AB
  • Anne Antson, Group CFO of Mitta Group and Mitta Oy
  • Marie-Louise Ståhlberg, CFO of Mitta AB
  • Annika Engberg, HR Director of Mitta Group and Mitta AB
  • Johan Sumelius, Business Controller

Mitta Group Board

  • Timo Hyvönen, Chairman of the Board
  • Mats Åkerblom, Vice Chair
  • Janne Laakso, Board member
  • Ville Kulmala, Board member
  • Jari Lappi, Board member