Roof structural monitoring

Monitoring of snow load in roof structures

Is the snow load on the roof a frequent concern?

We implement continuous structural monitoring systems for our customers with the help of latest technologies and long experience on structural monitoring. Real-time data of snow load conditions enables you to improve the safety of your assets and optimize the timing and area for snow removal.

  • Reliable method for monitoring snow load conditions
  • Review the real-time data in your browser

Monitoring methods

Roof monitoring system is based on laser techniques such as tachymeters and rotating laser levels. Mirror prisms are installed into the truss to indicate the vertical displacement and load conditions on the roof.

Real-time load conditions available on your browser

Monitoring results can be easily reviewed from our online portal. In the portal, time stamped results are easily reviewed with intuitive visualizations. If the load exceeds a defined limit, automatic alarm is sent to the users by email or SMS.



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