We are pleased to announce the appointment of Henrik Malmberg as CEO of Mitta AB

The Board of Mitta Group has appointed Henrik Malmberg as CEO of Mitta AB. Malmberg will start in the new position effective February 1, 2023.

Henrik Malmberg.

Henrik, 55, has been working as Business Unit Director for the Surveying division at Mitta AB since June 2021. He will continue as head of surveying alongside his new role, but the division will be strengthened where necessary. As CEO Henrik will also be responsible for Geofix AB and Clay Techonology AB.

Anne Antson, CFO of Mitta Group, has worked as Chief operating officer in Mitta AB during the autumn and will focus solely on the tasks of Group CFO when Henrik starts his new position.

”We want to thank Anne for all the good work and progress. Since last summer, we have systematically strengthened the cooperation between Finland and Sweden and there has been a lot of good developments at Mitta AB. Henrik knows the organization well and from here it is good for him to continue to implement the plans we have made,” says Aki Puska, CEO of Mitta Group.

Mitta is focusing on expanding its service offerings and developing digital solutions for customers’ changing needs. Mitta has also expanded geographically, making it easier to serve a wide customer base.

”We have a lot of good things going on right now. The Swedish market is still open to us, and the cooperation with Finland and Norway makes it possible to offer customers a broad range of expertise,” Aki Puska adds.

”It is with joy and humbleness that I look forward to my new assignment. As a team, Mitta AB is a winner, and I am a strong believer in building teams and working together”, Henrik Malmberg says.

“Our challenge has been the profitability of Surveying in particular. We know the reasons and we are gradually putting things in order. The new systems, as well as Finland’s support, are all vital components along with our committed staff in our journey ahead”, Henrik continues.

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Aki Puska
CEO, Mitta Group
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Henrik  Malmberg
CEO / Business Unit Director, Surveying, Mitta AB
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