Norconsult AB has chosen Geoelectric Oy as supplier of the world's first fully electric geotechnical drilling rig for Nordic conditions

Norconsult AB, known for its ambitious work for sustainability, has chosen Geoelectric as supplier for the delivery of this groundbreaking emission free machine.

MTG-e drilling rig, Geoelectric Oy.

Geoelectric Oy has been working sysematically to develop the geotechnical industry in close cooperation with customers and by utilizing new innovative solutions.

As a result, the company will deliver a fully electric MTG-e geotechnical drilling rig during 2023 to Norconsult AB. The drilling rig has the capacity to work for 8-10 hours in full operation when the machine performs energy-intensive drilling. The machine can perform all kinds of drilling performed  in the Nordics.

The MTG-e drilling rig is delivered together with a fast charging kit that enables quick recharging of the machine in the morning before the day’s work begins. Full charging takes place in about 1 hour out in the field.

”It is very important for us to be able to support our customers in achieving their sustainability goals. By offering new and better solutions in a fairly conservative industry, we are taking the step towards a more sustainable future,” says Mats Tschivtschis, CEO of Geoelectric. ”Through Norconsult’s strategic focus on both innovation and sustainability, we have found each other at the right moment.”

Norconsults press release (in swedish)

More information:

Mats Tschivtschis
CEO, Geoelectric Oy
+358 40 508 9357

Geoelectric Oy – part of Mitta Group – specializes in the manufacture, maintenance and upgrading of old drilling machines according to customer requirements. Geoelectric offers a wide range of standardized spare parts and new parts and solutions tailored to the needs of customers. The company is located in Sipoo and all machines are manufactured in Finland. Geoelectric serves the whole of Finland and other Nordic countries with a work based on product quality, safety, new technology and solutions.

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