Real estate surveying

Based on old drawings and measurements, new digital drawings of floor plans can be created. Based on data, cross section, facade and property drawings are also possible. Indoors, laser rangefinders are used. Total station and laser scanners enable altitude and outdoor measurements.

Our services include:

  • Laser scanning (background data for information modeling)
  • Height measurement of building floor heights and other levels, façade surveying, positioning a building in a city/municipal coordinate system, reference lines in new construction (piles, lines, pipes)
  • Photographic documentation of buildings (commercial or other purposes)
  • Archiving digital building drawings and maintaining the archive
  • 3D modeling of buildings and premises

Property modeling
In property modeling, the boundaries, elevations, necessary connections to the environment and technical systems, vegetation and boundaries of various materials on the site, as well as e.g. playing equipment are presented. The model can also include the positions of border points and other legally or technically significant points, such as wells or cables.

If necessary, the model can also include neighboring buildings and street areas to the appropriate extent.

Inventory model
An inventory model can be created from the survey data model, which can be saved as an IFC open data transfer model. Materials can be produced in AutoCAD, Revit or ArchiCAD environments.

Certified surface area surveying
For real estate transaction purposes, the surface area of residential and commercial premises can also be surveyed. The surface area survey document is an official certified document that can be used in real estate transactions.

With our handheld scanner, an apartment surface area can be quickly measured with a tolerance of 0.5 m². Surface area is reported in accordance with RT 12-11055 specification.

Digitizing Services
Our real estate surveying also serves the needs of architect and engineering companies. We use the latest AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and Revit software for both 2D drawing and 3D modeling.


Janne Harju

Business Unit Director, Surveying, Finland

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Real estate surveying

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