Construction surveying

Construction surveying is carried out for example, in road and civil engineering, house construction, as well as bridge and skill construction projects.

Our versatile offering

Road and infrastructure surveying
We carry out all necessary surveying for road and civil earthworks. Typically, surveying is performed using satellite positioning or tachymetric equipment. If necessary, laser scanning can also be utilized.

Building construction surveying 
In this type of surveying we use our state-of-the-art surveying equipment to guarantee the success of construction projects. Our strong experience ranges from residential and commercial construction to massive industrial projects.

Brigde and special surveying services
In addition to bridges, skill structures include tunnels, canals and docks. Bridge construction site surveying is often challenging in terms of working conditions, schedules and required accuracy tolerances.


Mikko Ilmonen

Director, Surveying Division (Finland)

Tel. +358 50 575 4144

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