Underwater surveying

Our underwater surveying services include, for example, depth measurements of sea areas, lakes and running waters, classification of seabed or other bottom material (gravel, sand, clay, etc.), as well as searching for objects underwater (water pipelines, cables, lost objects).

A three-dimensional model can be created of underwater areas and shores for waterway or other water system planning.


Versatile surveying services

Multibeam sonar surveying
Sonar surveying an be performed at sea, inland waters or running waters. The results can be presented either digitally or as print maps, and they can also be used for mass calculations.

GeoSwath Plus, an oblique interferometric system, is used as equipment of side scanning.

Bar sweeping
The Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency has authorized Mitta to carry out control bar sweeping surveying. As a positioning method, RTK GPS or DGPS is used. The sweepings result in the protocols and maps that are submitted to the maritime authority for registration. We have three different sizes of sweeping equipment at our disposal.

Sub-bottom profiling and coast scanning
Our wide-angle sonar equipment enables us to produce continuous point data from sub-bottom profiling. Objects can be detected from the data, giving them a three-dimensional position. With the surveying equipment we use, it is possible to operate also in shallow waters and close to the shoreline.

At the same time as underwater surveying, we can use laser scanning equipment installed in a boat to map the shore (e.g. water banks and sandbanks). Using the combined method of sonar mapping and laser scanning, the data from the two techniques can be combined with only a small gap in between.

Discharge measurements
Discharge measurements produce accurate discharge cross-sections of water systems. In addition to the total discharge information, it is possible to determine flow rates and directions for the entire area. The data can be utilized for various environmental modeling and flow monitoring purposes, for example.

Ice cover and frazil ice measurement
Ice cover thickness and the amount of frazil ice accumulating under the ice are measured using a modern ground radar.

Fairway maintenance
Mitta provides fairway management for its customers. The service includes the inspection and monitoring surveying of both fixed and floating channel equipment, as well as maintenance, repair and installation work mainly in inland water areas.

Port survey
Our compact and highly accurate sonar equipment is extremely well suited for port surveying applications that require high-quality data in confined spaces.


Janne Harju

Business Unit Director, Surveying, Finland


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Underwater surveying

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