Machine control

3D machine control refers to a system installed on earthworks machinery that guides both the machine and the operator/driver. A machine control system makes the operator’s work easier and contributes to successful work performance.

Machine control can be utilized in many types of machines and tasks

Blueprints by the designer are uploaded into the machine control system, after which the system sensors guide the operator. Positional information on the machine is obtained either using a tachymeter or GPS.

With 3D machine control, objects from blueprints are not marked in the terrain; the design is uploaded directly into the machine control system computer. Therefore, it is highly important that objects are modeled accurately and only relevant information about the site is entered into the machine control system.

In some cases, the baseline data can exist on paper only, which requires digitizing the material for modeling. Mitta models the site’s structural layers, linear objects such as pipes and wires, as well as point objects to correct coordinate system and file format.

Site Services
Establishing a construction site is one of the most important phases for the success of a project. Correct coordinate system, system accuracy, uploading data to systems, and site personnel training are all issues that need to be mastered before starting work on the site.

In addition to establishing the site, Mitta also handles all other work related to the machine control project on behalf of the customers.

Our services include:

  • Machine control models and 3D modeling of building project
  • Background maps, pipeline and cable maps 
  • Road alignments, surface adjustments etc. 
  • Calibration of machine control systems and buckets.
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Machine control

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