Track surveying

Railroad construction is always based on accurate survey data. We build surveying control networks for railroad construction and perform track maintenance and construction surveys.

Long experience in building surveying control networks for track surveying

Surveying control network plays a central role in rail traffic surveys. Long line-like objects and small tolerances require that the baseline points are solidly built, accurately surveyed, and carefully documented. We are laso naturally very familiar with railroad-related safety issues.

Track geometry maintenance surveying
Support works in order to maintain the track’s geometrical condition are performed continuously to ensure the good condition, flow and safety of the railroad. Before the support works, track geometry surveying is needed.

Track renovation and construction surveying
We also carry out different kinds of surveying needed for track repair and construction work. These include stake-out or control surveying of various structures, surveying needed during the installation of railway switches, as well as surveying of e.g. train scales and block changes, as well as bridges and special structure


Janne Harju

Business Unit Director, Surveying, Finland

Tel. +358505946473

Track surveying

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