Monitoring services

Monitoring, i.e. continuous controlling, is a secure and cost-effective way to control structural movements.

Comprehensive and partial monitoring solutions

Monitoring has various applications, and it can be either temporary or long-term. Temporary movement control can be utilized in sensitive environments during blasting, quarrying and piling work, for example. Long-term monitoring is needed in various structures where safety is a key concern, such as bridges, highways and railways, tunnels, channels, buildings, and nuclear and power plants.

These services include

  • site visits and recommendations
  • monitoring solution proposals
  • installation of monitoring equipment
  • programming
  • implementing
  • remote monitoring, analyzing and reporting
  • training

In addition to controlling movements, monitoring can also be applied for controlling states of structural load by using, for example, fiber optic based FBG strain and temperature sensors.

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Monitoring services

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