Industrial surveying

We provide surveying services for all mechanical engineering and industrial needs, both for individual equipment pieces and large assemblies. Our measuring equipment includes e.g. a LaserTracker with a measurement accuracy of up to +/- 0.010 mm.

Solid track record of industrial surveying

In installation and quality assurance surveying for steel structures, we specialize in large objects.

Furnace surveying
We carry out surveying of caustic lime, cement, lime and expanded clay furnaces. Measurements can focus on, for example, straightness, bed deflections or tire and roller wear. We also carry out surveying done during production downtime, including corrections, adjustments, and fillings.

Mechanical engineering and paper mill industry surveying
We perform various forms of surveying for mechanical engineering and paper mill industries. Our services range from roll alignment, frame structure and baseboard surveying to large machinery and steel structure surveying.

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Janne Harju

Business Unit Director, Surveying, Finland

Tel. +358505946473

Industrial surveying

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