Temperature profiles, Metsä Fibre

Metsä Group has an ambitious sustainability goal to make their production processes 100 % circular by 2030. Already now, the majority of production sidestreams are utilized for production of various bioproducts or bioenergy. Green liquor dreg is the only pulp production side product with no determined reuse method. Metsä Fibre (part of Metsä Group) actively researches various using purposes.


Metsä Fibre

Bioproduct mill, Äänekoski

In Äänekoski bioproduct mill, a pilot structure was constructed to investigate the potential of green liquor dreg in road construction. Mixed with ash, the new construction material can be used to replace virgin soil and rock materials, while boosting the circular economy.


EHP expertise is utilized to monitor the temperature profiles in the structure in real time. Monitoring data is utilized to evaluate the heat isolation and freeze heave throughout the structure. Based on the results, future structures can be optimized.


EHP offered a turn-key service, that eliminates all worries related to equipment performance and maintenance costs. Also displacements and subsidence were monitored in the pilot structure. It was easy to order all the measurements from the same place.

We also valued EHP’s online monitoring expertise and the dataservice, that is easy to use and keeps everyone updated. We will surely utilize EHP’s monitoring expertise also in the future.


Teemu Hourula
Development Manager, Metsä Fibre


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