Mitta active in the Kupittaa-Turku railway project to enhance and increase rail traffic capacity

As part of the Kupittaa-Turku railway project, Mitta was active in the Kupittaa-Turku double track and Turku railway yard construction. The aim of the project is to increase rail traffic capacity and improve accessibility and safety in the Turku railway station platform area. In addition, land use in the centre of Turku will be improved and the possibly of the implementation of a high-speed train connection between Helsinki and Turku will be increased.

Pekka Ojala, Service Manager at Mitta, says that the joint project with the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency started through the public procurement tendering service, the Hilma system. At Mitta, Ojala handles, among other things, tender calculations and project management.

According to Ojala, what was new in this project was that such a large-scale project in a challenging railway yard environment had not previously been implemented by Mitta in the Turku region.

Ossi Peltokangas, Project Manager at Arkos Oy, says that Mitta was a familiar operator even before the railway project:

“I have been familiar with Mitta from almost a decade ago, when Mitta Oy acquired Destia’s surveying and soil research business. This time, Mitta was one of the service providers providing field survey and soil survey services for the Kupittaa-Turku railway project.”

Mitta’s expertise and machinery reached their full potential in the railway project

Ossi Peltokangas talks about the problems solved by Mitta in the project:

“The studies carried out by Mitta provided important initial information for the construction planning of the project.  In addition to the soil and laboratory studies programmed by the project planning, Mitta has installed perch and groundwater monitoring pipes in the project area.”

The project employed Mitta people from the drilling and site management side. Pekka Ojala explains the key factors of the project:

“A dozen drillers and field foreman Tero Kortesluoma were involved in this project. His contribution to the success of the project has been great, including measurements, management surveys, supervision and processing of results.

Our diverse range of machines and, of course, our professional personnel were the biggest benefits we gave to the project.”

Mitan maasto-osaaminen varmisti projektin onnistuneen lopputuloksen.

Mitta’s terrain expertise ensured the successful outcome of the project.

Ojala explained that in the Kupittaa-Turku project, the site was divided into three different priority areas, each with its own schedule. Ojala said:

“The goals were met and everyone was successfully overcome.”

Communication and close contact in the project is key to monitoring

Ojala also added that during the project, contacts were handled by email and in weekly online follow-up meetings.

Peltokangas also commented that communication was smooth:

“Cooperation and communication with Mitta went well. Mitta was able to respond to requests for additional research from the client, considering the busy market situation in Southwest Finland.”

According to the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency, the project will last until 2026. Mitta’s share of the project is already nearing completion.

Pekka Ojala concluded that some additional studies will be carried out on the project during summer 2023.

Sähköinen siipikairaus käynnissä rata-pihalla.

Electric wing drilling in progress in the track yard.

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