A consortium led by Mitta Engineering Oy won a tendering for the disposal solutions of nuclear waste in Norway

NND (Norsk nuklear dekommisjonering), which is responsible for nuclear waste management in Norway, has selected the consortium (GeoReN) led by Mitta to develop disposal solutions of nuclear waste in Norway.

Kjellerin Jeep 2 -tutkimusreaktori
Research reactor Jeep 2 was closed in Kjeller in 2019/Photo:IFE

In addition to Mitta, A-Insinöörit Oy, BGE Technology GmbH, Geological Survey of Finland (GTK), Posiva Solutions Oy (PSOY) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd have been preparing the winning offer since the beginning of the year, with Ramboll from Norway as a subcontractor.

The purpose of the assignment is to develop solutions for the final disposal of both spent nuclear fuel and low- and intermediate-level waste. In the Mitta Group, these services are provided by Mitta Engineering Oy.

”The work is a continuation of a framework signed with NND about three years ago, in which Mitta’s nuclear waste management experts have been involved in a consortium formed by AINS, BGE TEC and VTT. Since then we have been assisting NND to kick-start their disposal program to handle all radioactive waste in Norway. Now the same organizations will continue, complemented by the expertise of GTK, PSOY and Ramboll,” says Teemu Laurila, who is responsible for Mitta’s nuclear waste management business.

The assignment is initially for two years but can be extended to a maximum of four years. The contract value is estimated NOK 400 million, approximately EUR 40 million.

Norway’s nuclear waste has been accumulated from the operation of research reactors from the 1950s until 2019, when the last research reactor was closed. After that, NND was established to be responsible for the decommissioning of the nuclear facilities and final disposal of radioactive waste. For the time being, spent nuclear fuel is stored at the reactor sites in Halden and Kjeller. Low and intermediate level nuclear waste is stored in the underground facility in Himdalen.


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