Real-time weather stations

Weather monitoring station for professional use

EHP-SA6 weather station is equipped with selected sensors intended for professional use. Typical measurement parameters include air temperature, wind speed and direction, air humidity, barometric pressure, rainfall, radiation intensity, snow weight and depth. We can easily add other sensors to the weather station, e.g. to measure ground parameters or water flow and quality.

  • The monitoring data is available in EHP-Dataservice
  • Compact and easy to move
  • Enables wireless weather monitoring near your premises
  • Powered by solar panels and accumulators


Valuable information

EHP’s weather station provides valuable monitoring data for different clients, from peat and mining industries to waste management centres and farms. E.g. by monitoring weather conditions industries can prevent accidents.

Solar powered and rechargeable

The system consists of EHP-DL12 datalogger with GSM/GPRS modem, meteorological sensors, rechargeable batteries and solar panel. The datalogger transmits the data to customer’s EHP-Dataservice.


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