Dam safety monitoring

Better understanding of the ongoing dam performance

EHP-GROUND provides real-time monitoring of ground conditions in dams and other locations. Typical measurements include horizontal and vertical ground movement measurements with inclinometers and pore pressure monitoring with piezometers. Ground temperature and water level measurements can also be integrated to EHP-GROUND.

  • Monitor dam’s horizontal and vertical movements
  • Keep an eye on dam’s pore water pressure online
  • Automatic monitoring of water level in ground water pipes
  • Seepage water flow and quality measurements

Measure water flow and quality

Seepage water flow and quality (e.g. turbidity/suspended solids, pH, conductivity) infiltration can be monitored online. Early warnings prevent environmental hazards!

Versatile measurements

Ground temperature measurements at different depths and water level measurements from ground water pipes can also be integrated to EHP-GROUND. One or more ground sensors are connected to the station.


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