Dam safety

The owner of the dam has a duty to take care of the safety of his dams. Mitta helps its customers in the many and varied tasks related to dam safety.

Our wide range of dam safety services

  • Expert services, design and inspections
  • Establishment of monitoring programs
  • Control measurements, observations and analysis of results
  • Instrumentation design and development
  • Automatic surveying and monitoring
  • Maintenance of the registry
  • Dam data modelling
  • Brushwood clearings
  • Underwater video recordings and structural measurements
  • Depression measurements by laser scanning with a drone
  • Leak detection and injection
  • Soil surveys from the ferry
  • Preparation of damage risk reports and safety plans
  • Dam fracture calculations

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Ilkka Kylmänen

Business Unit Director, Environment Division (Finland)


Tel. +358 40 502 82 45

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