Our 25 years in the industry have given us a great overall experience and that together with a wide network allows us to offer a variety of services. Everything from performing field work and delivering results to complete investigations. We have field trucks and extensive equipment for sampling, measurements and field analyzes. We also run geotechnical laboratories.

Our customers consist of construction and civil engineering contractors, property owners, municipalities, consultants with several players.

Dam Safety - Measurement and monitoring services

We perform monitoring of dams using traditional monitoring, accuracy and scanning measurements.

We develop and install various monitoring systems for dams and customize them individually.
Dam monitoring is carried out as a complete service whereby the customer's data is stored in a dam safety register at Mitta.

Typically, we work with:

  • Geotechnical, geohydrological and environmental geotechnical
    field work as well as investigations
  • Groundwater issues
  • Radon measurements
  • Compression Investigations
  • Stability Investigations
  • Control work of various kinds
  • Surveyor
  • Lab work
  • Design

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Business Developer Geotechnology
Johan Ericsson

Business Developer
Carl-Johan Ottekrall

Operative manager Sweden
Dan-Erik Nordin

Contact Finland

Director, Drilling Division
Jari Lappi
+358 432 111 600

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E-mail Sweden: office@mitta.se

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